Splitting the beam to reach a high rate of production while maintaining the quality offered by ultrashort pulse lasers, is seen as the only efficient solution to use high power laser without heat degradation and potentially process large pieces.



Cascaded indefinitely

To obtain, 2 beams, one LS-Split is needed. To get a third beam, another LS-Split must be added. LS-Splits can be cascaded indefinitely until reaching the desired number of beams.

Maintaining beam quality

Regardless of the number of splits, the LS-Split module doesn’t affect the beam quality offered by the ultrashort pulse laser.

Easy power balencing

Manuel or motorized, easy balance to get the targeted split like: 10%/90% or 50%/50% or 37%/63% or 0%/100% or ….


Principales caractéristiques

  • Dual wavelength 515 + 1030 nm
  • Casadable compact modules


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