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  • Laser marking

    Laser marking consists in permanently modifying the contrast of a surface. This process is flexible, clean (no additive), contactless (no wearing) and maintenance free.

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  • Laser engraving

    Laser engraving enables fast and contactless machining of embossed designs with perfectly monitored dimensions.

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  • Laser cutting

    Laser cutting applies to all materials (hard, fragile, soft, etc.). This flexible and contactless technique offers clean and bumpless cut walls.

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  • Laser drilling

    Laser drilling is a fast and precise way of producing a vast type of holes

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  • Laser structuring and texturing

    Laser texturing and patterning offers decoration or functionalization of all materials surfaces by fine and high speed engraving for either simple (lines) or complex patterns.

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  • Laser thin film removal

    Laser thin film removal enables selective engraving without delamination, bumps or microcracks.

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The LASEA neo is a high precision laser micromachining station dedicated to high productivity

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Easy, reliable, ultra-compact

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The ultra-compact machine

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The accurate, compact, modular, upgradeable micromachining machine

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The flexible machine for high precision micromachining

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Optec LightShot LSV3

UV Excimer Catheter Processing Workstation

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Optec ECHO 360 for wire stripping

A turnkey workstation from the A-thermal laser experts

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Special machines

The laser machine that you need.
With an experienced partner.

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Lasea has developed the KYLA™ control software to drive all of the hardware devices and functions offered as standard or as an option. The Lasea laser machines can be equipped with a HMI (human-machine interface), with a control console equipped with a touch screen. It enables the display and management of alarms, and the configuration and production settings. Lasea has also launched simulation tools for ultrafast laser micromachining: the software LS-Plume®

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Lasea offers a range of modules specially designed to be easily and rapidly integrated in our workstations or in our customers’ specific environments

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Use our experience in laser/material interaction to validate your application before starting a large scale project. Our team is highly qualified and equipped with the best tools to conduct feasibility tests that will define the best laser parameters as well as appropriate automation systems for the laser unit, even the most complex ones. You can thus be confident when you entrust your samples to us for a laser assessment. They will be analysed with the greatest of care.

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These partners have confidence in Lasea. Lasea works for world-renowned companies in the medical devices sector, in the watchmaking and photovoltaics industries. For reasons of confidentiality that we fully respect, this list of partners is not exhaustive.

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