Dedicated to scan field observation before, during, and after the laser process, the LS-View is a passive vision system aligned with the laser beam. No mechanical stage movement is required to get a clear image of the workpiece.



Optimal field observation

Before the process, viewing the scan field center can help positioning the workpiece at the right place. During the process, displaying the ablation allows a visual monitoring of the process. After the process, another visual inspection can validate that the ablation has been done where it was supposed to be.

High resolution

Including a dichroic optic for wavelength splitting, an objective with its focus setting, an interference filter for getting a sharp image, and a ½’’ camera, the LS-View offers a direct visualization of the center of the objective field, with resolutions down to 4 µm.

Connected module

Directly connected to a computer through an ethernet interface, the LS-View’s camera can be displayed in the KYLA®’s software, a full microprocessing software able to communicate with several stages, cameras, and lasers.
Alternatively, the image can be displayed on another software as any standard camera.


Key features

  • Dual wavelength 515 + 1.030 nm
  • High resolution image
  • Less than 2% laser attenuation
  • Focus setting

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