Unleashing laser precision, where optical and micromachining process performances meets analytical mastery! With two available versions, LS-Profile Beam and LSProfile Spot, you can effortlessly monitor your beam from the output of the laser till the focal point.



Full power

The LS-Profile solution provides the capability to monitor the laser beam across its entire power range, from low power to full laser power, regardless of size. Additionally, it allows for checking the focal beam even at full power.

Easy to integrate

Explore new horizons with the LSProfile, which integrates perfectly with your mechanical setup. Whether fitted into an optical mount or mounted onto motorized axes, the effortless integration opens up new horizons for advanced beam tracking perspectives. Unlock the full potential of your system with the ease and precision of LS-Profile integration.

Dedicate software

Introducing LS-Profile Manager, an exclusive software meticulously crafted for the seamless integration of LS-Profile. Engineered with precision in focus, this software guarantees the optimal utilization of the module, effortlessly unlocking its full potential. Manage various parameters such as beam positioning, size, ellipticity, power and even more with intuitive control, providing you with a comprehensive toolset for enhanced performance.

Key features

  • Dual wavelength 515 + 1.030 nm or 343 nm
  • Accurate Beam Size Measurement
  • Ellipticity Analysis
  • Precise Localization
  • Power mesurement available

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