Perfectly suited to the industrial environment


Touch screen

In industrial production, the tailor-made machines and workstations of LASEA can be equipped with an HMI (human-machine interface). The control console is generally equipped with a touch screen. It displays and controls the alarms as well as the configuration and production parameters.

Rapid diagnosis

The LS-HMI has control and monitoring operative functions (manual and automatic mode), production counters, management of users and the possibility to display all of the digital and analogue inputs/outputs for rapid diagnosis in the event of an alarm.

Approved by the customer

The various functions will be programmed according to the specifications approved by the customer.

What you see on the screen

Lasea - 4.9 - 3-LS-HMI_Catalogue2015



In maintenance mode (non-exhaustive)

  • View of the machine with the main signals/alarms
  • View showing the main parameters of the installation
  • View showing the states of the “physical” I/O’s of the installation
  • Manual control of the different functions

In production mode (non-exhaustive) :

  • View showing the data for the ongoing Production Order
  • View showing the information on the formula used
  • View showing the production status according to the production order
  • View with alarm/error/fault messages
  • View with quality statistics

In audit mode:

  • A page for quality control during production, with the history of the operator actions

In administrator mode:

  • Management of the users (add, delete, change the access rights)