Our laser applications

  • Laser marking

    Laser marking consists in permanently modifying the contrast of a surface. This process is flexible, clean (no additive), contactless (no wearing) and maintenance free.

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  • Laser engraving

    Laser engraving enables fast and contactless machining of embossed designs with perfectly monitored dimensions.

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  • Laser cutting

    Laser cutting applies to all materials (hard, fragile, soft, etc.). This flexible and contactless technique offers clean and bumpless cut walls.

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  • Laser drilling

    Laser drilling is a fast and precise way of producing a vast type of holes

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  • Laser structuring and texturing

    Laser texturing and patterning offers decoration or functionalization of all materials surfaces by fine and high speed engraving for either simple (lines) or complex patterns.

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  • Laser thin film removal

    Laser thin film removal enables selective engraving without delamination, bumps or microcracks.

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