Medical Devices

The laser in the service of the requirements of the medical sector

Medical Devices

A very clean and very precise technology

The production of medical equipments requires special care and that is why LASEA is currently in the process of obtaining ISO 13485 certification.

The importance of lasers to the medical sector is their ability to machine and process a series of specific materials cleanly (even those that are very sensitive to heat such as polymers), while limiting the residues. Ultrashort lasers undeniably contribute to the success of the laser in the machining and marking of medical equipment that always require greater precision, while meeting the most drastic quality criteria.

With the acquisition of the company Optec in 2020, LASEA becomes one of the leading companies specialised in precision machining of polymer materials using Excimer lasers (short pulse, UV lasers). More information about medical device manufacturing.

Laser for traceability

The precision of lasers is very useful for the realisation of fine marking for traceability, even on polymers, and this without affecting the basic properties of the equipment. The quality process as well as the monitoring of the stocks of them are considerably simplified.


The Pursuit of an Ideal

The LASEA Group, a leading provider of femtosecond (fs) lasers for micromachining, has expanded its capabilities with the acquisition of Optec S.A., a recognized expert in the production of excimer laser systems. Today the LASEA Group enjoys a high reputation among makers of luxury goods, medical devices and consumer electronics as well as in academia and the world’s emerging innovation centers. Research ensures the quality and performance that benefit our clients.


Perfection in Technology: Lasers for Micromachining

Excimer laser machining offers the ability to machine materials at very high levels of specificity. Because the excimer laser functions in the ultraviolet range, it is absorbed by the polymeric insulation without affecting the metal beneath. The excimer laser is useful in the manufacture of components for electrophysiology (EP) because it can strip wire as thin as a human hair. By that, we refer to nitinol wire. An amalgam of nickel and titanium, it is highly elastic and has excellent shape memory. The nitinol guidewire offers the precision critical to medical procedures.

Materials for processes such as balloon catheter manufacturing and stent manufacturing are grouped into metallic and polymeric families of various grades. They can be used individually or in tandem, as in the procedures of cardiology and neurology. To access the organ, a nitinol guidewire is inserted into the vascular system, after which a catheter is moved down the guidewire. To clear vessel blockage, a balloon and stent can be used.

Cutting IOL with ultrashort laser

Today, lasers, and especially ultrashort femtosecond lasers, are making their entry into medical equipment, and more specifically in intraocular implants (IOL),  stents or catheters.


Nitinol Guidewire: Tomorrow’s Medical Care Today

The nitinol guidewire is an outstanding example of our technology at work. Nitinol, an amalgam of nickel and titanium, is elastic and has impressive shape memory. The femtosecond laser cuts away the insulative covering without damage to the nitinol wire.

Our laser solutions combine with superb support. LASEA Group laboratories, too, are equipped with test benches that facilitate prototyping.


Trusted Experts in Balloon Catheter Manufacturing and More

The LASEA Group is a constant pursuer of perfection. This is because we know how to master the challenges. Amid the development of communicating implants and material integrations as well as automation, miniaturization and personalization, we are prepared for what tomorrow brings. For balloon catheter manufacturing, excimer laser machining, stent manufacturing and medical guidewire – including nitinol guidewire – LASEA systems stand for quality.

You have a vision for the application of an idea. So, talk to the LASEA Group today. We will make that vision a reality.