Excimer laser machining

Laser Technology: Proven and Perfected in Excimer Laser Machining

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It is for good reason that LASEA acquired Optec. The latter built its expertise with the excimer laser, while our efforts were focused on the femtosecond laser. Research showed that excimer laser machining–as applied to fields as varied as semiconductor production and LASIK corrective surgery–was, like fs laser machining, ultimately safe and efficient for the production of medical components.

Excimer laser machining uses short bursts of energy to cut and strip a target polymer or metallic material. Because it operates in the ultraviolet range, there is no affect on the structure of the component. The client’s end product–nitinol guidewire–must be flexible and absolutely smooth, and so excimer laser machining strips away the insulation without impacting the metal.

Excimer laser machining