Nitinol guidewire

Nitinol Guidewire: Its Benefits for You and the Patient

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Innovation has profound importance in the modern world. It reflects knowledge from the past in a new, more beneficial form, and in turn it inspires new endeavors. The laser-processed nitinol guidewire is the height of innovation. It delivers quick, reliable access to very specific sites within critical organs–including the heart–while providing the flexibility and shape memory needed to safely accommodate the patient.

The LASEA Group thrives on ideas, as represented in all our laser systems and associated services. With our laser systems for the processing of metallic guidewires, nitinol guidewires, balloon catheters and stents, we strive to ensure success for our clients and end users. What ideas do you have for the application of a nitinol guidewire or other component? Talk to us. Together we can make those ideas a reality.

Nitinol guidewire