New Tangor laser source: power and precision for micro-machining

New Tangor laser source: power and precision for micro-machining

Tangor is the new femtosecond laser source integrated into LASEA systems. More powerful with a higher energy per pulse, its provides a glimpse of a new era for industrial micro-machining.

LASEA is the first manufacturer to offer a laser machine with the advantages of a femtosecond source of such power (100W, 300 µJ). This high power opens the way to new industrial applications because of its high repetition rate and higher pulse energy.

Increased productivity and better-quality machining

Pulses generated by the Tangor femtosecond laser source are so short that they do not heat the machined object, which in particular, allows extremely fine details to be rendered, leads to a perfect quality product and permits fragile or heat-sensitive materials to be machined.

Modules for even more efficient micro-machining

Combined with the Tangor source, LASEA modules offer infinite possibilities

– Control the beam characteristics by means of LS-Shape

– Perform extreme precision machining using LS-Scan

– Opt for a ‘straight edge” cut or drilled hole with the LS-Precess module.

The benefits of the Tangor source

– Sufficient energy to allow you to split the beam and increase productivity

– Faster: reduced cycle time (up to a factor of ten in some cases)

–  Effective for cutting and drilling applications on thicker materials ( > 500 µm)

– Unheard-of power in the sector

The activity sectors which will benefit the most from this innovation

– Watchmaking/ Luxury goods industry

– Medical devices

– Glass industry

Machine laser micro usinage    Machine laser micro usinage