Precision laser engraving

Precision laser engraving: A superior micromachining process

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Precision laser engraving enables fast and contactless machining of embossed design with perfectly monitored dimensions. It allows to reach levels of details that would be unthinkable with traditional machines, even on the most fragile materials. The fine engravings realized with LASEA’s machines do not create smudges nor do they damage the surface of the part and can be without taper angle when needed for the client.

It is highly accurate and offers consistent results with repetitive tasks. Since the component is engraved without making contact, there is no damages that can occur during the processes due to mechanical constraints applied to the parts to be processed. Precision laser engraving is environmentally safe, unlike acid etching where toxic byproducts may be released. The method is quick, as the residue is vaporized. The optimized cycle time makes it suitable for industrial applications, where large volumes are needed in the same quality.

Precision laser engraving