Micron precision machining

Micron precision machining is synonymous with quality and efficiency in materials manufacturing

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The micron precision machining lasers can handle any job with ease. The texturing can be varied according to various specifications depending on the application requirements

  • Hydrophobic: With this texture applied, the liquid drops will never collapse but rather roll out of the surface. This can be used in car industry for instance.
  • The diffraction pattern will give a specific color to the surface treated. This can have a cosmetic purpose or functional purpose.
  • Surface structuring for a perfect mechanical contact will allow two parts to be perfectly welded.

Advantages of the micron precision machining with LASEA’s technology

The added value of LASEA’s micron precision machining machines is the possibility to use the advantages of the laser technology (tool size of a few µm, contactless technology, possibility to machine almost all the materials, without HAZ for ultra-short lasers, no consumables, reliable and maintenance free technology…) on complex 3D parts without stitching and with a competitive machining time.

Micron precision machining