micron precision machining

Micron precision machining enables accurate welding to be carried out on smaller components

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Our machines modify a component’s surface by inscribing texts, logos, serial numbers and other graphics. The process guarantees high consistency, extreme durability, and improved identification for traceability purposes or to avoid counterfeiting. Our laser machines provide an accurate and clean modification across different materials. We have one patent: Naginels® (Non AGgressive INternal Engraving Laser System), a marking technique used on transparent surfaces, like glass which can serve the pharmaceutical industry.

Laser engraving allows to reach levels of details that could not be considered with traditional machines, even on the most fragile materials. The micron precision machining can easily handle 2D and 3D profiles on any suitable surface. For example, they can produce the precise cuts needed when making components for high-tech industries like aerospace engineering and luxury jewelry.

micron precision machining