Micromachining Stainless Steel

Micromachining stainless steel can be done to achieve a broad range of features

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Your choice of a method when micromachining stainless steel will be determined by the following five categories:

  • Ferritic steels are chromium-based alloys with less than 0.10% carbon.
  • Austenitic steels contain a blend of nitrogen, nickel, and manganese for added toughness, besides a mix of chromium and molybdenum for corrosion resistance.
  • Duplex steels have properties that are partly (50%) austenitic and partly (50%) ferritic, giving them a higher tensile strength than the two varieties.
  • Martensitic steels have ferritic properties, with increased carbon levels of up to 1% for extra strength.
  • Precipitation hardened steels are combined with other metals like copper and aluminum, making them the toughest variety.
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Micromachining Stainless Steel