Laser micromachining system

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At LASEA, we have a wide range of industrial laser solutions to meet different needs. Our laser micromachining system can deliver beams at multiple wavelengths as required. An industrial-grade touch screen allow the equipment to be used in a production environment with a dedicated Human Machin Interface (known as HMI), The laser beams are directed to run in an enclosed path to secure the operating environment. With our machines, your operators are assured of absolute safety besides the high-tech specifications available. The equipment can be automated with custom CNC programs to support different functions.

LASEA machines have been specifically designed as laser micromachining system able to cope with any precision requirement. Its high stability frame and its enclosure are completely isolated from the internal structure, ensure a high precision work without any risk of external disturbances. It’s very functional tool thanks to its motorized and secure door, it gives a large manual access area.

Our continuous commitment to develop new technologies allows us to meet the most demanding requirements and to put on the market unique products. For example, our 5-axis micromachining workstation can be used in a 7-axis mode where the 2 optical axes move simultaneously with the mechanical axes. Together with the integration of highest power femtosecond laser on the market we are able to provide the lowest cycle times possible.

Our machines have been developed to suit the needs of different applications. Thanks to our modular approach we have the possibility to tune and prepare the machine for each particular need.

If you need an automatic machine dedicated to high volume production, our laser micromachining systems can be complemented with an automation pack (production supervision system and/or a Cognex camera), an external robot module (provided by LASEA or a third party), high accuracy sensors (confocal) that measure the work part distance and automatically adjust the working height.

Laser micromachining system