laser micromachining system

The laser micromachining system can guarantee consistent quality in repetitive tasks among several other advantages:

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The laser micromachining system has a longer lifespan, leading to reduced wear and tear expenses. There is no contact between the machine and the component, leading to a pure outcome. The pulse duration with a femtosecond laser are so short that there is no Heat Affected Zone (known as HAZ) which gives the piece the best possible quality. The whole process is straightforward and automated, increasing your production capabilities. The axes provide for simultaneous movements, which allow the creation of 2D and 3D shapes.

In order to deal with more than 2D or 2.5D geometries, LASEA use a laser micromachining system based on femtosecond laser. This 5-axes accurate CNC system synchronized together with 2 additional optical axes allows to combine the possibilities of a standard 5 axes system with the possibilities of fast scanning strategies and the advantages that a full 7 axes laser system supposes in the processing of complex geometries in 3D.

laser micromachining system