Laser drilling machine

What is a laser drilling machine ?

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A laser drilling machine is a fast and precise way of producing a vast type of holes (without taper if needed) with different geometries can be applied to all materials, even the hardest and most fragile. Laser is ideal for hard crystal drilling such as ruby with holes of 50µm diameter in a 300µm thickness. The result of the process is without burrs and taper angle. In steel, LASEA machines can allow holes with 20 µm diameter on 100 µm thickness.

LASEA’s laser drilling machines & material range

Their use has grown alongside the development of smaller and complex objects like microchip circuits. Micro holes also known as laser micro vias run from end to end, they may be used to drill through filters or medical equipment, while blind holes are having a different function which can be surface texturing, for instance when preparing two surfaces for welding. A laser drilling machine from LASEA can work with a broad range of materials such as:

  • Metals
  • Ruby
  • Polymers
  • Glass
  • Precious stones

Once they are set up and running, our machines will guarantee consistent results throughout the drilling process.

Laser drilling machine